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Interactive Rock Identification


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The Interactive Rock Identification is a 278 page hyperlinked PDF document that guides students through the investigation of 19 Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks. In addition to this, a printable 22 page activity booklet contains student activities and answer keys to go along with the Interactive Rock Identification.

From the table of contents, students can choose rocks in any order. The Interactive Rock ID navigates like a web site with clickable links that moves students along depending upon their responses. When a student gives an incorrect response they are taken back to the beginning of the rock sample to try again. Information pages are just a click away for students to learn about rock texture, grain size, mineral content, layering and more. Once a student correctly answers all of the questions about a rock a summary of that rock’s physical properties appears along with a description and information about that rock (how it formed, uses, etc).

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