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Building Atomic Models


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Build 3D atomic models for all 118 Chemical Elements.  Hang them from your ceiling for a stunning classroom dislpay!

Students color, cut out, and assemble 3D Atomic Models for all 118 chemical elements.  Hanging from your classroom ceiling they make a stunning, permanent classroom display!  In addition to atomic structure , students also learn about ...

    - Element properties and uses

    - Elements found in the Human Body

    - Elements found in the Earth's Crust

    - Elements found in Earth's Oceans

    - Elements found in the Earth's Atmosphere

    - Magnetic Elements

    - Radioactive Elements

    - Elements produced synthetically

    - Elements not found in their pure form in nature


Watermarked Templates.079
Watermarked Templates.087
Watermarked Templates.084
Watermarked Templates.085
Watermarked Templates.083
Watermarked Templates.082
Watermarked Templates.080
Watermarked Templates.081
Watermarked Templates.086
Watermarked Templates.088
Watermarked Templates.089
Watermarked Templates.090
Watermarked Templates.091
Watermarked Templates.092
Watermarked Templates.093
Watermarked Templates.100
Watermarked Templates.099
Watermarked Templates.098
Watermarked Templates.097
Watermarked Templates.095
Watermarked Templates.096
Watermarked Templates.094
Watermarked Templates.101
Watermarked Templates.104
Watermarked Templates.102
Watermarked Templates.103
Watermarked Templates.105
Watermarked Templates.106
Watermarked Templates.107
Watermarked Templates.114
Watermarked Templates.113
Watermarked Templates.109
Watermarked Templates.108
Watermarked Templates.111
Watermarked Templates.110
Watermarked Templates.112
Watermarked Templates.115
Watermarked Templates.116
Watermarked Templates.117
Watermarked Templates.118
Watermarked Templates.119
Watermarked Templates.120

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