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Interactive eLessons

Empower your students to direct their own learning

Concepts are introduced with reading passages supported with related videos, and visually stimulating images, and diagrams. 

Responsive design works with all devices

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displays flawlessly on any device from desktop and notebook computers to tablets and mobile phones.  

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Frequent Interactive Learning Checks 

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Learning Checks provide immediate feedback and maximize student engagement.

Menu driven navigation

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Navigation controls allow students to visit and revisit any part of the lesson.  

Structured to emphasize 21st Century Skills

Student Handouts can be downloaded from within the lesson

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The Naked Egg image.jpg

All handouts can be downloaded and printed from within the lesson

Lessons are ready for your students in seconds!

No immediate prep is required.  All Interactive eLessons come with a Getting Started Guide and are ready for your students as soon as you give them the Quick Link and Password (available upon purchase).  Students can get started with engaging, interactive content immediately.  So relax ... you just bought yourself some time to set up the hands-on labs and activities and make copies of Infographic pages!

In addition to using the Quick Link, all Interactive eLessons can be directly from this website.

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All Interactive eLessons come complete with all HTML5 files packaged for uploading to an LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Schoology, etc) as well as student handouts, lab setup instructions and answer keys.

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