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Diagnostic Radiology Lab


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The Diagnostic Radiology Lab is a 90 page Interactive (hyperlinked) document that guides students through the investigation and diagnosis of X-Ray images (radiographs) from 26 patients. Patient X-Rays are linked to the 6 Chapter (52 page) Radiology Reference Guide which provides comprehensive background information to students. The Reference Guide begins with an interactive Table of Contents with links to each page. Chapter One begins with an explanation of how radiographs are made, the basics of how to interpret them, and how to distinguish what is normal from what is not. Other chapters introduce students to bone anatomy, joints, types of fractures, conditions of the spine, and surgical techniques. Questions are carefully crafted to guide younger students while continuing to challenge more advanced students. Hints are provided in the form of links to specific sections or pages of the Radiology Reference Guide. 

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