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The Cabbage Caper is a Murder Mystery for kids. It is an interactive, hands-on science lab activity where students begin their investigation on the computer and then move to the "crime lab" to conduct lab tests based on the evidence. The interactive PDF document navigates like a web site and will work on any device including the iPad. If computers are not available, the pages can be printed as a booklet or hung at lab stations. 

Students will start with the introduction and will be prompted to move through the activity but they are free to follow their own path. After interviewing the 6 suspects and recording notes in the "Investigator's Notebook", students will proceed to the Crime Lab where they will design and perform experiments to solve the crime. Finally, students will write their final conclusions base upon all they have learned.

Complete Lab setup instructions, chemical labels, lab signs and answer key are included.  All chemicals are can be obtained from the grocery store with the exception of Lye (sodium hydroxide) which is best to obtain from hardware store or Science supply such as Flinn Scientific.


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Lab Setup

Student Handouts

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 d student handout slides_Page_4

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a Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_1
a Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_1
b Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_2
b Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_2
c Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_3
c Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_3
d Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_4
d Lab Setup images watermarked_Page_4

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Lab Station Signs

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