Building a Periodic Table

Students assemble, color, and complete a giant (42.5 x 21.5 inches) 3-D Periodic Table with fold out flaps for each element. The flaps allow this Periodic Table to be filled with information including:

    - Element Families

    - Element properties and uses

    - Elements found in the Human Body

    - Elements found in the Earth's Crust

    - Elements found in Earth's Oceans

    - Elements found in the Earth's Atmosphere

    - Magnetic Elements

    - Radioactive Elements

    - Elements produced synthetically

    - Elements not found in their pure form in nature

    - Etc.


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Build a giant (42.5 x 21.5 inches) 3-D Periodic Table with fold-out flaps for each element!

Follow the step by step Assembly Instructions Presentation...

The Assembly Presentation shows step by step instructions for building the Periodic Table complete with images and video. The presentation can be viewed in PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF formats.


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Assemble the outline pages!

After constructing the Periodic Table, students then use it to complete the Periodic Table Hunt activity (included) where they will explore:

    - Properties of Elements and Element families

    - Atomic structure and basic Electron Configuration

    - Periodic Table Hunt and SuperHunt questions

    - How elements got their names


The Building a Periodic Table activity will engage students for hours and will produce a lasting classroom display.

Then, color, cut, and fold the Element Flaps!

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The Element Flaps

Finally, use your completed Periodic Table to comple the Periodic Table Hunt activity.

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