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Building a Human Body Model BUNDLE


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The BUNDLE includes The Human Body Model and all 7 Human Body Infographic activities!

Human Body Model

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Infographic Activities

Muscular System Infographic

Skeletal System Infographic

Circulatory System Infographic

Respiratory System Infographic

Digestive System Infographic

Assembly Instructions Presentation (preview)

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Students assemble, color, and complete a large (11 x 23 inch) layered Model of the Human Body. This activity will help students develop a concept for the major organs and organ systems in the body and for their locations relative to one another. Students will need to place the organs in their proper order so that the organs in the front of the body overlap those in the back. By performing “The Autopsy” activity on their completed model, students will be able to flip through layers to see each labelled organ in the model.


By following the illustrated step by step instructions in the the “Assembly Instructions” section, students can guide themselves through the assembly process. 


The detailed assembly instructions can be viewed as a presentation or it can be navigated like a web site on a computer or any device that reads an interactive PDF document (iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, etc.). All slides/pages can also be printed from the pdf document if computers are unavailable.  


Each of the 7 Body System Infographic activities are   a 3 page poster (11 x 23 inches) that students assemble, research, and complete.  They are packed with information about each body system and make a perfect additon to an interactive notebook. 


The Building a Human Body activity and the Body System Infographics will engage students for hours and will produce a lasting classroom display.

Nervous System Infographic

Endocrine System Infographic


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