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Building a Geologic Timeline

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The Building a Geologic Timeline bundle will introduce students to Earth's geologic past. The intro presentation is designed to hold student's attention while giving them a better understanding of both biological and physical events of Earth's past. The timeline building activity will allow students to will see how life on Earth has progressed from single celled organisms to dinosaurs to early mammals and life as we know it today. Physical events such as coal and oil formation, mountain building, and continental drift will also be placed in chronological order. This visual representation of Earth's Geologic history will help to put it all into perspective.  This bundle includes Geologic History presentaiton with assembly instructions, Master Pages for Large scale (aproximately 20 feet long!) and small scale (aproximately 12 feet long) timelines, Geologic Timeline Grand Tour activity, and answer keys. 

Geologic Timeline Master Pages 

... Large Scale and Small Scale versions included

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Geologic Timeline Grand Tour Activity

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