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Be patient, we're just getting started documenting our demonstrations!


     "An awesome science demonstration will intellectually and emotionally engage your students  for a moment ... but a moment is all you need to provide them with an unforgettable learning experience".   

  - Jim Gonyo

Sodium Metal and Chlorine Gas

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      A lound bang, an unexplainable discrepent event, a moment when every student is watching you with wonder.  These are the moments that every teacher needs to create over and over again with their students.  These are the moments that set the tone for the rest of the lesson, and for the rest of the school year.  Welcome to our DEMONSTRATIONS pages.  We hope you will find useful information to help you create meaningful moments with your students.

Basic Intermediate Advanced

     These demonstrations are catagorized by the Area of Science to which they best apply and by the level of experience required to perform them safely.   Links are provided for helpful instructions on performing each demonstration. Please be certain to read all safety precautions and practice the demonstration before perfoming it in front of students. 

Use this as a guide when performing these demos.

  Advanced - these demonstrations should only be performed by an experienced demonstrator.  Please seek the help of a veteran science teacher before attempting these demos.  Always practice these demos without students present.  If you do not feel comfortable, do not perform the demo.  Bring in a guest demonstrator or let students view a video.  Safety in your science classroom is "no accident".


Basic - the demo is generally safe and does not require special skills or techniques.  Begin with these if you are new to science demonstrations.


Intermediate - the demo requires some special skills that can be developed with practice.  Saftey must always be your first concern.

The Potato Candle

Hydrogen / Oxygen Bubbles Explosion

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Potato Candle Demo
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