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Fossil Lab

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The Fossil Lab introduces the concept of fossilization and helps students understand the various ways in which fossils can form. The main focus of the lab is with index fossils and how they are useful in understanding the diversity of life on Earth and the environmental and physical changes that have taken place throughout Earth’s geologic past. The Fossil Lab also allows students to explore many interesting topics based on the latest research including the extinction of dinosaurs, comparison of dinosaurs to modern day birds, and the effects of continental drift on climate and natural habitats during the past 65 million years.


The Fossil Lab navigates like a web site with clickable links that move students through 24 stations filled with fossil images and leading questions. The images can be enlarged for detail and students can select links to resource pages where they can obtain information and clues. The information pages are just a click away for students to learn about fossils; what they are, how they formed and how they are useful.